[PortuxG20] 'source' command missing

According to u-boot 2009 manual a 'source' command should be available to run a script from memory.
Unfortunatly u-boot 2009.08 on my PortuxG20 doesn't find such a command. Is there an alternative?


Re: [PortuxG20] 'source' command missing

Sorry for the delay.
In U-Boot you can specify variables via:

setenv varname value

Looking at the default variables (printenv), you can see such short scripts as sdboot or flashboot that are stored as variables and can be called using:

run varname

Please note, that when executing multiple commands you'll need to seperate them using a semi-colon. To store a command list such as

setenv ipaddr; setenv serverip; tftpboot 20000000 myKernel.bin

into a variable, each semi-colon needs to be escaped with a backslash.

setenv load_my_kernel setenv ipaddr\; setenv serverip\; tftpboot 20000000 myKernel.bin

Things that also need escaping are: backslashes \ and quotation marks ".
You can save your changes to the environment with saveenv.

Re: [PortuxG20] 'source' command missing

You can also use the latest U-Boot available in our download section. It has the source command enabled. Please be aware that you have to use the BCH upgrade first.

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