Wakeup on external interrupts

I need to externally wake up my Stamp9G20. I have followed your procedure (http://www.armbedded.eu/node/372) to put the Stamp on power-down mode. I would like to wake it up by toggling a single input.
I have tried to toggle the WKUP pin but without success.
How can I do ?

Re: Wakeup on external interrupts

I'm sorry but you hit a bad time for your question. My colleague who would simply answer this most likely is currently on vacation.

Of course, I will try to find a solution to your problem in time.

I just wanted to inform you about that.

Re: Wakeup on external interrupts

You cannot use the WKUP pin for waking up the system from power-down mode, but you can use a generic GPIO pin. To do that, you have to modify the Stamp9G20 board file in the kernel source and recompile the kernel. You can see what has to be added in the "GPIO Buttons" section in this patch https://www.ledato.de/download/nanosg20.patch. The used pin must of course be adjusted to your board. You also have to add a call to the button init function to the main initialization function and enable the GPIO button driver in the kernel config. After recompiling the kernel and flashing it to your Stamp9G20, you should now be able to wake up the system with this pin.

Re: Wakeup on external interrupts

Thanks for your answer. I have modified the board-stamp9g20.c file, with the same GPIO implement of the example who it was given and it work very well.

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