Booting problem

The unit boots as soon as power is applied on X14 into the boot menu:
Nanos boot v1.1

and offers the several options for booting from internal flash, SD-card etc.

This behaviour is comletety independant of inserting a working SD-card or not!

Using the same SD-card on a different NANOS-unit works as expected: Auto boot from the SD-card.
But inserting it into this particular unit, still stops with the boot-menu

After choosing either option 0 (continue with autoboot) or option 2 (Boot from SD-card) the unit
boots properly, the system is running afterwards.
But after any reboot the system still stops in the boot-menu.

Checking the switch SW1 results in:
Measuring the resistance with a DMM in one direction: 480-Ohm when SW1 not pressed, but 0-Ohm when pressed
In the other direction: 2800-Ohm when SW1 is unpressed, 0-Ohm if it is pressed.
On the unit which operates propeerly the difference was found in:

In the other direction: several 100-kOhm when SW1 is unpressed, 0-Ohm if it is pressed.

Re: Booting problem

Please ensure that SW1 is not jammed (e.g. by the housing of NanosG20).
You can return this exemplar to get this fixed.

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