Free GPIO pins

I'm having hard time finding out from the documentation which GPIO pins are free to use and not used by any of the peripherals in the default kernel. I'm currently using PB12 and PB13 to control a 4 relay board. I need to find 2 more free GPIO pins so that I can control the full set of 4 relays. Is there any obvious kernel features that I could disable to get more free GPIO pins?

Re: Free GPIO pins

The default kernel uses (muxes and configure the peripherals) for both SPI bus including chipselect, the I²C port and the debug UART. So it blocks pins 6-9, 13-16 and 22-25 of connector X11. So pins 2-5 and 18-21 are free to use. You also have two usable IO pins on X8.

Although I think you have made up your mind on how you want build your system, you may also have a look at This card can be plugged directly into the NanosG20 via the DSUB connectors and also provides 4 relays controllable by using the Modbus protocol.

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