PortuxG20 - configure pull-up on ADC lines

Hi all,

I want to configure pull-up resistor or, even, try to disable pull-up feature on my PortuxG20 board and, in particular, on ADC lines. Are there any ways to do this?
And if so, could you please describe me them?

Thank you very much!

Re: PortuxG20 - configure pull-up on ADC lines

The pull-ups need to be disabled in the PortuxG20's boardfile (Kernel code, recompile require).

Instead of going the intended kernel way, you can also use mmap to get direct hardware access from the user space. See http://www.armbedded.eu/node/9 for a tool doing so.
You can test disabling the pull-ups (see Atmel documentation of AT91SAM9G20 for hardware description & addresses) and use the tool as base for your program.

If you are looking for an ADC driver, see:

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