Ledato NanosG20 boards will not boot

Hi everybody,

I have some Ledato NanosG20 boards from two different batches. They've been sitting on the shelf for some time, and I wanted to configure them for new deployments.

Unfortunately, some of them simply refuse to boot. When power is applied, the buzzer clicks once. No LEDs flash. No text comes out of the tty on X6. Pressing the wake button does nothing.

I have tried various combinations of the following...

- powering with 3V battery removed
- powering with a new 3V battery installed
- isolating the battery with a slip of paper, connecting power via X14, then removing the paper
- powering from X14
- powering from X7 with J9 closed
- powering with MicroSD card in
- powering with MicroSD card removed
- pushing the wake button momentarily
- holding down the wake button to try reaching the boot menu

The units which do not work have serial numbers 187330, 187333 and 187338. The units which do work have serial numbers 193661 and 193657.

I have run out of ideas. :) I would be very grateful to anybody who can suggest what might be wrong, or what I can do to restore these boards to working order.


Re: Ledato NanosG20 boards will not boot

If I short J9 and momentarily short J3 while I connect an unbootable NanosG20 board to my laptop via X7, then it does still enumerate as a USB device (03EB:6124). I guess this means the processor isn't totally fried.

So should I start by trying to reinstall a bootloader?

Re: Ledato NanosG20 boards will not boot

I didn't check the firmware that was shipped with your affected boards, but older firmware can be the cause for that behaviour.
So when flashing the boards, you should use the BXH-update firmware from here:

The archive contains a readme file which provides detailed information.

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