Problem with new Stamp9G20 boards (HW revision 17.107.03)

Dear support team,

our company was received 50 Stamp9G20 boards this month.

We have a problem with reprogramming them by SAM-BA. Boards does not stop after "RomBOOT>" message and SAM-BA can't communicate with them.

These boards does not react on presence of jumper between "Vmem" and "NCS3" nets (pins 1 and 38 of the "Bus Interface" connector).

We have Stamp9G20 boards with the same HW revision number, but they are half year older and operate without problem as required for us.

As I understand, Taskit have programmed AT91Bootstrap of newer boards into DataFlash instead of NAND flash.

Why this was made without notification to customers? This is break in our production process procedures and leads to massive delays in sales.

So, can we return Stamp9G20 boards to Taskit for restoration of old FW behavior or this is impossible and we need to remove DataFlash and problem will be resolved?

Re: Problem with new Stamp9G20 boards (HW revision 17.107.03)

Additional info:

We have started to use Stamp9G20 some years ago from HW revision 17.107.01, which does not have DataFlash and we even does not expect to have it on board.

Our mother-board use "SPI0_NPCS1/PC11" net (pin 37 of Bus Interface connector) as GPIO to generate interrupt from our peripheral SPI device.

It seems introduction of DataFlash chip influence on normal operation of our peripheral device.

So, I see only one way - to remove DataFlash from Stamp9G20 PCB. Is not it?

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