[stamp9g20] Boot issue with new board

I have recently bought a Stamp9g20 (s/n:200621) board for my product and it doesnt boot anymore on a validated system.
Boot sequence stops on 'RoomBOOT' and nothing append.
The system boot coorectly with an old Stamp board (s/n: 159197).
Are ther any changes between boards ?


Re: [stamp9g20] Boot issue with new board

There was an update according to issues with new NAND chips.

The boot sequence on Stamp9G20 modules is:
2. at91bootstrap
3. U-Boot
4. Linux

Caused by the update, at91bootstrap moved from NAND address 0x0 to DataFlash address 0x0. The DataFlash was not mounted on Stamp9G20 Rev1. You can read your revision on the module right next to the SD card slot. It reads 17.107.01 for revision 1 and 17.107.03 for revision 3 (note: there is no revision 2).

To handle this issue, please first check your Stamp9G20 on our starterkit if possible.

After that, remove bootstrap from DataFlash and move it into NAND (see: http://www.armbedded.eu/node/8).
The module should then boot. However, this setup is not recommended for default use (see update information).

Re: [stamp9g20] Boot issue with new board

Thanks for your answer,
but I not sure to be clear, let me try again:
My new Stamp9g20 board boots correctly on the EVB. But when I plug it on my own dauther board, I get stuck on 'RomBoot' message.
The same procedure: with an old Stamp9g20 works properly on both platform (EVB and my board).
That is why I wonder if something change between boards.
Can you confirm me the procedure to fix the problem?
Many thanks

Re: [stamp9g20] Boot issue with new board

Does your base board use the pins of SPI0 interface? Especially, is there any non-SPI hardware connected to it?

Did you try to move the at91bootstrap from DataFlash to NAND (using your taskit EVB)?

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