Portux G20 & PXB-USB - compatible to G20 and 920T?

Hello together,

We were using the Portux 920T together with the PXB-USB card as an evaluation system, then we changed to the newer Portux G20, which has a USB-port on board and makes the PXB-USB almost unnecessary.
Almost, because we also had some GPIO-pins in use on the 920T.

If we want to use these pins, is it possible to just plug in the PXB-USB into the Portux G20. As i understand, the PX-Bus is universal, and the description of the PXB-USB-board tells me that it was meant to be compatible to future developments.

Fortunately i don't have the old Portux and the PXB-USB here (i'll get them back in 3-4 weeks), that is why i am asking.

Short version of the question:
Is it possible to use the PXB-USB with the newer Portux G20 and use the same ports (GPIO, serial, USB?) ?

Re: Portux G20 & PXB-USB - compatible to G20 and 920T?

Unfortunately, the extension busses of PortuxG20 and 920T are not compatible. The PortuxG20 only uses one row for a reduced EBI (external bus interface) instead of the more complete one on the Portux920T thus giving one additional row for IO pins. This resulted in a lot of changes for the pins, so you cannot use the PXB USB together with PortuxG20.

Re: Portux G20 & PXB-USB - compatible to G20 and 920T?

Thank you for the fast answer!

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