DM9000 not found

Hi everybody,

I am working on the stamp9261 SDK with stampadaptor.
After some time (about 2 years) when the board was closed on his box, I powered it on and found that the DM9000 chip can't be detected. When powring up, u-boot tells me that "dm9000 not found. id: 0x2b2a2928". Sometime this value is different (0x20012000 or something similar).
I am quite sure that before put it on the box it was working. the box was correctly stored in a neutral environment, the boards in antistatic bag.
I tried 3 different CPU (16M and 64M) and all of them gives the same problem - usually with different IDs.
I understand that it's highly likely that the DM9000 is dead, but before trying to change it, is there any check I should do to say if it's that chip that needs to be replaced? Frankly I don't remember if I updated uboot (version is 1.1.4 dec 6 2007), is there any know issue?
Thank you in advance.


Federico Fuga

Re: DM9000 not found


After some try, I was able to have a CPU detecting the network chip.
This should exclude an hardware problem.

Tried another cpu. runs without any problem, without doing anything.
I am really perplexed.

Re: DM9000 not found

At boot the dm9000 detection seems to be random.
After 48h of sleep (board turned off or cpu removed), the CPU needs some time to start, usually a character in the serial port "wakes" it.
In the first one, the ethernet is ok. This CPU has been completetly reprogrammed (uboot, kernel, root).
In the second one, the ethernet wasn't detected. Tried 3 or 4 times, no results. I left it powered off, time to get some coffee, and after trying the last time... the ethernet is working.
I am really perplexed.
Any idea?

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