PortuxG20 - Cant erase NAND with SAM-BA

Hi everybody.

I have a problem erasing the NAND with the SAM-BA tool. I'am able to connect to the board and i'am able to write new content. But i'am not able to erase the nand. I tried the "eraseall"-script and the TCL shell by using the NANDFLASH::EraseBlock command. Nothing happens ...
Any ideas anybody?


p.s.: i've got old data in the NAND that leads to nasty crc-errors during start-up

Re: PortuxG20 - Cant erase NAND with SAM-BA

Did you launch the NAND initialisation routine before erasing?
Does SAM-BA hang or is it still running?

Re: PortuxG20 - Cant erase NAND with SAM-BA

I fixed my Problem.
There's still content in the memory viewer despite SAM-BA erases the NAND content. I thought this crc error during boot came from unerased content in NAND.
I learned this crc is because there's no valid u-boot environment after flashing the NAND. A simple "saveenv" fixed my issue.

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