problem about communciating with rs232-ADC16

I recently got the rs232 ADC16 from taskit and I need it for measuring temperature with a simple NTC sensor. I built a circuit and connected it to the ADC and the plugged it to my laptop. Then I managed with a help of a terminal program to output the help menu as it was explained in the datasheet. So now my question is, how do I make so that I get the temeperature values? I wrote a simple program for reading from A1, but how do I get it to the ACD? The terminal program is not able to communicate with the ADC, all I can do is to the otput the help menue, otherwise I can't write in the terminal program. I've tried with a few terminal programs, but nothing works. I think I am overlooking something, since I don'T have much experience with serial communication.
Thanks a lot for the help.

Re: problem about communciating with rs232-ADC16

First, I'd like to relegate to our frame layout description in the manual. It can be found here:

A frame send to the device is expected to start with a colon (':') and to be terminated by carriage return ('\r', 0x0D). It may be sufficient to first setup your terminal not to translate any carriage return to new lines. Also, it is required to disable any hard- and software handshake.

What exactly does your small program? Did you use our library that is available at the address above? There are existing code pieces for Linux and Windows included.

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