Installing new kernel

While installing a new kernel on the stamp processor, after the flash_eraseall command the system crashed. How do I write the uImage to the stamp processor?

Re: Installing new kernel

You can use U-Boot, which either requires to setup a tftp-server or to upload the image via kermit protocol, or you can do this using Atmel's SAM-BA tool.

The use of the second way is described here:

Re: Installing new kernel

Where do I get information on upload via kermit protocol?

Re: Installing new kernel

There is a short topic about it on the U-Boot mailing list:

You can load files out of U-Boot using "loadb". After starting this command U-Boot waits for a kermit file transmission coming over the Debug connection. Hit CTRL+BACKSLASH in your kermit terminal to got to the command shell. There use the "send" command to upload a file to your Stamp.

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