[stamp9g20] beginner - which kernel version to choose?


I am starting a project with the stamp9g20 but I have to admit I am a bit confused.

From what I saw, the stamp9g20 support has been added in the mainline kernel, I can also get the Linux 2.6.29 full kernel sources in the download zone, there is patch for Linux 2.6.29 in git://gitorious.org/taskit/taskit-overlay.git; and finally I can see posts of people using on it.

So, which version should I use? Which one is the most stable (all peripherals tested), and where should I get it?


Re: [stamp9g20] beginner - which kernel version to choose?

The board is shipped with a 2.6.29 kernel. So, if you don't have any hard- or software requiring a newer kernel version this one will be the best tested version.

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