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Hello everybody,

I need to get apache2 and php5 running on my stamp9g20. unfortunately there seems to bo php packagew available via opkg, and apache fails to install because busybox aleady contains a httpd file. The php packages available at angstrom-distribution.org are part of the 2010 distribution, 2008 distribution does not seem to have them.
So here's my questions in order of priority:

1. Where do i get a working php5 from?
2. How do I install apache2 without having to modify busybox?
3. Anything else to make it work altogether?

Thanks in advance


Re: apache and php

Sorry for the late answer. I don't know, if you already solved the problem yourself, but the only way to install it without completely upgrading to a newer Angstrom would be to manually install the packages needed including there dependencies. For the apache problem you could just use the "-force-overwrite" option. The file in question is only a symlink in the busybox package and therefore is not a great loss.

Re: apache and php

This time I have to beg your pardon for disregarding the changes on my topic. Have been busy lately recovering from an accident on the very morning you replied...

Your answer sounds promising, alas just two days ago someone told me, apache was discontinued on the latest angstrom. I will have to give it a try, and decide on whether to go this way or look out for something different.

Anyway, is there also a chance to bring php alongside busybox httpd?

Re: apache and php

Perhaps lighttpd is the better alternative. It should be found in angstom 2010.03 feed.

Re: apache and php

Finally my colleague stumbled across this one:


As the link title implies, it deals with exactly our concern. Seems we are up and running now.

Thanks to everyone!

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