NanosG20 Flash corruption? Only shows RomBOOT


I've an NanosG20 version 17.127.01. The device worked fine until the SD card crashed an I tried to boot from a new one. I've also a StampG20 and this one is booting fine with U-Boot and custom kernels.

It looks like the NanosG20 had some kind of custom bootloader, but it was annoying that is was looking for a kernel image in the root dir (which there was), a cmdline file, etc.

I don't need this kind of bootloader I want U-Boot. So I tried to flash U-Boot as on this page: .

The main problem is that I cannot find X20 so I used the userspace tool mtd_debug from my new SD Card. This worked fine, but it seems U-Boot has not been flashed properly leaving me with only RomBOOT on DBGU.

What to do? I only have an AVR Dragon and USB-AVR-JTAG adaptor for TJAG. But these are not supported with OpenOCD.

Where is X20 on my board anyway?

Re: NanosG20 Flash corruption? Only shows RomBOOT

NanosG20 does not have X20. The Howto you used is intended for older boards. Please refer to:

If you want to use U-Boot we recommend to flash the files from this archive:

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