Implementing an own boot-logo for Panel-Card

Displaying an own boot-logo

By default the Panel-Card displays a flower as its boot-logo. This howto describes the steps to integrate your own logo into u-boot and flash it to the Panel-Card.

Note: This is only needed on the Panel-Card 35. All other Panel-Cards come with an U-Boot which read the bitmap from address 0x10080000 of the NOR-Flash. So recompiling U-Boot is not needed


  • Panel-Card with Ethernet
  • Tftpserver
  • Installed arm-softfloat-linux-gcc
  • Unpacked u-boot-1.1.4 sources
  • Your logo as bitmap


Change into the u-boot directory on your development-system. Copy your logo as bitmap into the tools/logos subdirectory in the u-boot sources. To compile u-boot you need a softfloat cross-compiler, on your CD you will find an arm-softfloat-linux-gcc. If you use a different toolchain you can use the enviroment variable CROSS_COMPILE=xx to give the prefix to your toolchain.
Go through the following steps:

$ make distclean
$ make panelcard_config
Configuring for panelcard board...
$ LOGO_BMP=logos/your_logo.bmp make
$ cp u-boot.bin /tftpboot/u-boot-logo

The new compiled u-boot-binary should now be in your tftpboot directory under the name u-boot-logo. Boot your Panel-Card and interrupt the boot process to get the u-boot prompt. After that flash your new image:

U-Boot> tftpboot 20000000 u-boot-logo
dm9000 i/o: 0x30000000, id: 0x90000a46
MAC: 00:50:c2:3a:b7:09
Operating at 100M full duplex mode
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'u-boot-logo'.
Load address: 0x20000000
done: Bytes transferred = 151488 (24fc0 hex)

U-Boot> protect off 10000000 1003ffff
Un-Protected 2 sectors
U-Boot> erase 10000000 1003ffff
flash_erase: first: 0 last: 1

.. done
Erased 2 sectors
U-Boot> cp.b 20000000 10000000 $(filesize)
Copy to Flash... ...done

Reboot the Panel-Card and u-boot will display the logo of your choice.