SPI on StampA5D36 / PortuxA5


I am using the OpenEmbedded Layer found here: https://gitlab.com/taskit/meta-taskit

I'm trying to enable access to the SPI from user space. I compiled the kernel with "User Mode SPI device driver support" enabled, but the SPI interface is not showing in /dev.

The instructions found at the following link are for AT91SAM9 based devices and don't apply for this device. http://armbedded.eu/node/318

Could you explain how to do enable the use of SPI from user space in the PortuxA5?

Re: SPI on StampA5D36 / PortuxA5

To get this working, you must modify the device tree of the Stamp/PortuxA5 to include a binding for the spidev driver. As an example you can look into the stampa5d36.dtsi. It includes the binding for the SPI SerialFlash. If you use the same controller, you just have to add another gpio pin to cs-gpios and add another subnode for spidev. The compatible string should be "spidev", the reg field should be <1> (the chip select index for cs-gpios), spi-max-frequency as you need. If you use another SPI controller, you would have to add the corresponding controller node analogue to the spi0 node and put you spidev subnode there.

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