PortuxA5 Kernel customization


I plan to add some kernel features to my PortuxA5 in order to support USB cameras, such as uvcvideo. Is the .config file or the source available for the kernel image available in the download page? It would be very useful.


Re: PortuxA5 Kernel customization

You can find the OpenEmbedded overlay on gitlab:

It also contains StampA5D36's (our CPU module on PortuxA5) default config and kernel patches (for 3.16).

Re: PortuxA5 Kernel customization

THank you. Which version of openembedded and bitbake are you using to build the recipes?

Re: PortuxA5 Kernel customization

We used the daisy branch of OpenEmbedded and bitbake 1.22 to build the recipes.

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