Adc for portux, for kernel

I would just share my xp with you concerning adc driver for 2.6 kernel, for the portux.
The one provided by taskit works for 2.6.35 kernel, but you have to make small changes to get it working on 2.6.39 :
=> add include to linux/sched.h
=> replace DECLARE_MUTEX(adc_user_lock); by DEFINE_SEMAPHORE(adc_user_lock);

This small changes appears to be ok, I've now support of adc on my 2.6.38 kernel.


Re: Adc for portux, for kernel

2.6.39 not 2.6.38 ...

Re: Adc for portux, for kernel

Thank you for that information.
On later kernel versions there is a common ADC driver that makes mine obsolete.

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