Flashing new u-boot on Portux920T / Portux Panel-PC


Deleted your u-boot by mistake? A failed update? This is no problem. The bootloader can be restored without JTAG via the serial console.


  • Terminal program
  • Null modem cable
  • rescue software package


Connect your board to your local network and the null modem cable to your development PC. Now set jumper X20, this will change the bootmode of the AT91RM9200. Power on your board, on your terminal program you will see a growing row of CCCC's. This is the internal bootloader of the processor. Now load the program loader.bin via xmodem protocol to your board. The internal bootloader will load this program to internal RAM and start it there. You will again see a growing row of CCCC's. The loader.bin application can load a program to external SDRAM. Now the RAM-version of u-boot from the software package can be loaded via the xmodem protocol. It will automatically start and you will get a u-boot prompt now. Now you can flash the original u-boot again, take the file u-boot.bin from the tftpboot folder of your software CD with following steps:

U-Boot> protect off 10000000 1001ffff
Un-Protected 2 sectors
U-Boot> erase 10000000 1001ffff
flash_erase: first: 0 last: 1

.. done
Erased 2 sectors
U-Boot> loadb 20000000
## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x20000000 at 115200 bps...
## Total Size      = 0x00017870 = 96368 Bytes
## Start Addr      = 0x20000000
U-Boot> cp.b 20000000 10000000 $(filesize)
Copy to Flash... done

Please note, this time the serial download is via kermit protocol, not xmodem.
Now unset the jumper X20 and reset your board, u-boot u-boot should be there as before.
If you have also erased your environment variables, you probably need your Macaddress. This ca be obtained by sending the serial number of your board to info@taskit.de, and we will send you your ethernet MAC-Address again.


Use this link to download the software package.