Building jamvm and classpath

The Linux guide gives version suggestions for building jamvm in the stable/2009 release of openembedded:

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/javac-native = "ecj-bootstrap-native"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/java-native = "cacao-native"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/java-initial = "cacao-initial"
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_classpath = "classpath"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cacao-initial = "0.98"
PREFERRED_VERSION_cacao-native = "0.99.3"
PREFERRED_VERSION_jamvm = "1.5.0"
PREFERRED_VERSION_classpath = "0.97.2"
PREFERRED_VERSION_classpath-minimal = "0.97.2"
PREFERRED_VERSION_classpath-native = "0.97.2"
PREFERRED_VERSION_classpath-initial = "0.93"

Does anyone have a working set of versions for the dev branch?
I am wanting to stay more current and use the branch but these versions don't seem to work anymore. (What a pain)

The suggestions at don't work either.

I saw in the Downloads section the binaries for Classpath-0.98, jamvm-1.52 which I'll use if I can't figure anything else out -- but my preference would be to build it myself so that I can include in my image.


Re: Building jamvm and classpath

Have you tried not setting any of these variables at all? The Ångström distribution has jamvm and classpath packages in their unstable feed (they are coming from the dev branch) so the default combination should at least compile on some configurations.

Re: Building jamvm and classpath

What is the name of the branch you are referring to? ("unstable feed") I've been wondering what is newer than stable/2009 and more reliable than the dev branch!

Re: Building jamvm and classpath

I'm referring to the branch. With "unstable feed" I mean their prebuilt binary packages that are built from this branch.

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