How can I compile bootstrap?

To compile bootstrap yourself the following steps have to be done:
1) You need an arm-gcc standalone compiler. The delivered arm-linux-gcc won't work for that task. Good ones are obtainable at
2) Extract the archive from your CD or from our download section ( on your development PC. Change to that directory.
3) Edit the Makefile in the directory at91bootstrap to point the variable CROSS_COMPILE to your installed stand-alone cross-compiler, e.g.:


4) Now issue make in the at91bootstrap directory with the following options:

	make CHIP=at91sam9g20   BOARD=at91sam9g20-ek   ORIGIN=nandflash   DESTINATION=sdram   BIN_SIZE=0x30000   FROM_ADDR=0x20000   DEST_ADDR=0x23F00000   OP_BOOTSTRAP=on STR_DESCR=\\\"appli\\\" TRACE_LEVEL=1

5) Now you find your binary in at91bootstrap/bin directory:


. Bootstrap has to be flashed via SAM-BA. It cannot be flashed with u-boot or linux. To do that see this how-to:

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