Mpeg-4 video player for Panel-Card


I am looking for video player for Panel-Card module (that works with linux and nonox)
that can play mpeg-4 video movies.

Do you know about video player that is compatible with nanox and that can be run on
Panel-Card without special effort?
Is it possible to play mpeg-4 movie (resolution:320x240) on Panel-Card module?

xine ( and mplayer( are complicated and too big.
They have got a lot of functions that we do not need. We don't know how to configure them.

SMPEG with SDL( old application. It can play only mpeg-1 movies
and efect is not good (we can see movie but screen is striped).

Adam R.

Re: Mpeg-4 video player for Panel-Card

The easiest would be to use our OpenEmbedded implementation and you can install mplayer from our feed.
As far as I know, there is no video-player for nano-X which can play mpeg-4 videos. You can try to integrate libffmpeg on your platform:

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