stamp2g20 SPI


anyone got the SPI running on the stamp 9g20 or the stamp9260 ?

I got the SPI driver compiled in the kernel and It finds one SPI (spi0) bus (I am not sure if it is supposed to find 2 of them)

Now I am trying to get the kernel add a slave device and I tried to put a spi_board_info entry into the stamp9g20-evb.c along with the _add_device_spi call but nothing happens.

Any Idea what to do there ?

Re: stamp2g20 SPI

This has worked for me.

Re: stamp2g20 SPI

that pretty much looks like what I did, probably some idiot mistake I made.

Thanks for the reply

Re: stamp2g20 SPI

You have to enable Atmel SPI Controller and User mode SPI device driver support in the Kernelconfiguration to have something like /dev/spixx in your system.
If you want to use the generic bus you have to set your modalias to spidev in your board info file.
If you have done all that and it still doesn't work be please a little bit more verbose, e.g. posting the code snippets which integrate SPI, what means nothing happens?

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