nano-X, autostart at boot, keyboard issue

Hello !

I would like to start nano-X at system-boot. nano-X and my test application are working well when started within the terminal. We are using a Stamp9261 with the 2.6.22-taskit3 kernel. My keyboard driver for an rotary-encoder and 5 buttons is based on the panelcard-knob code.

I created a simple start-script in init.d and placed a symbolic link (S99nanoX) in the rc5.d directory.
When i boot the system nano-X seems to have a problem accessing the keyboard driver. When i set the keyboard in the nano-X configuration file to SCANKBD i get the error "KDGKMODE: Invalid
Argument" and "Cannot initialise keyboard" and the nano-X server is not startetd.
When i set the configuration to TTYKBD instead i get no errors and the GUI from my user-application is shown but the keys are not recognized.

As mentioned before nano-X and my application are working without problems when manually started within the terminal.

How can i fix this ?

Best Regards,
Thomas B.

Re: nano-X, autostart at boot, keyboard issue

I assume you use the OpenEmbedded based system. While starting your init script, the CONSOLE environment variable is set to /dev/console. Nano-X reads this variable to get the device where it will read the input events, but /dev/console is wrong. Unsetting this variable in your script should help:


Re: nano-X, autostart at boot, keyboard issue

Many Thanks !

This solved my problem !

Best Regards,
Thomas B.

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