[MoLUX] Testing a kernel

How can I 'boot' a kernel for testing purposes over the serial link?
(It's important to understand the problem knowing that MoLUX does not have an Ethernet port, but only a RNDIS USB Ethernet Gadget which is not available at boot time, so the tftp capability of U-Boot is unusable)

I tried to load a newly compiled and mkimage'd kernel with

loadb 21000000 115200
# start transmitting kernel with kermit protocol
# .... wait ....
bootm 21000000

as a result, I end up with an 'undefined instruction' error message, which may be a hint that I missed some steps.

Re: [MoLUX] Testing a kernel

The kernel image is loaded to 0x21000000 (if you use the scripts provided by taskit), so it overwrites itself, resulting in corrupt data. Load it to e.g. 0x20000000 and it should work.

Re: [MoLUX] Testing a kernel

Thank you, that works fine :-)

Edit: Especially, if I insert ``setenv kerneladdr 20000000'' and use ``run flashboot'' instead of bootm, so that the kernel finds its file system *g*

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