Panel-Card problem with matrixkeyboard (EVB)

When I compile and execute the example : "matrixsample1.c".(in linux guide examples)
i have the error : Error changing key!: Bad file discriptor.
the code of this example is:

/* This sample can be found on the starter-kit cd:

/dev/cdrom/examples/matrixsample1.c */

#include "/develop/include/portuxinput.h" // input driver header

int main(void)
int fd = open("/dev/portuxinput", O_RDWR);

struct matrixentry entry = {
.x = 0, // key at column 1
.y = 2, // key at row 3
.layer = 0, // first layer
.value = {
.flags = 0,
.value = KEY_B // assign key 'b' (small b)
if(ioctl(fd, PORTUXMATRIX_IOC_SETKEY, &entry))
perror("Error changing key!");
return 0;

in my directory /dev ther are no file withe name :portuxinput

NB: I compiled my Linux kernel with keybord driver.
thank you

Re: Panel-Card problem with matrixkeyboard (EVB)

This sample is only for the Portux Panel-PC. It does not work with the matrix keyboard on the Panel-Card EVB.

Re: Panel-Card problem with matrixkeyboard (EVB)

thank you,

have you somme examples use the matrix keyboard and the secreen of the panale card (EVB )


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