Configure USB host port as device port

I'm working on a project were we need 2 USB port to connect 2 different devices (a GPRS Modem and a GPS Receiver). Portux920T+PXB provides only one USB device port. So my question is very simple: is there a way to configure the second usb host port as usb device port? I'm using a Type A female /B male converter, but kernel can't detect any device on that port. I suppose this is due the usb definition in the board-portux920t.c file. Can I change the default configuration?


Re: Configure USB host port as device port

As far as I understand your question, you need two USB-Host ports, not two USB-Device ports. A USB-Device Port makes Portux act like a USB-Device to other hosts.
And no, there is no way to convert that USB-Device Port to a USB Host Port. This is a totally different implementation on all layers: schematics, microcontroller and software/ driver.
The only way to connect two USB-Devices to Portux is to use a external USB-Hub (or an internal on a own extension card design).

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