Boot progress on 320x240

Hey all,

We would like to have a nice boot progress screen at start up, to give the user an appealing thing to look at during boot time.

I have looked into the following:

-ELPP (Enhanced Linux Progress Patch):

I want the progress screen to show up as early as possible and thus ended up with ELPP as my primary choice.
However reading the patch I came accross that it needs support for standard VGA resolutions like 640x480.

The panelcard only has 320x240.

So far I haven't tried anything out yet, but read quite some documentation.
Do you guys have any experience in this field?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Re: Boot progress on 320x240

There is also pslash:

Re: Boot progress on 320x240

Can you help me cross compiling psplash it for the panel card?

Re: Boot progress on 320x240

Just run

./configure --host=arm-linux CC=arm-linux-3.4.2-gcc

in the source directory. After that run make.
Now there should be two compiled binaries: pslash and pslash-write.

Re: Boot progress on 320x240

That could be interesting for me as well.
How would I integrate psplash into the panel-card boot process?

Re: Boot progress on 320x240

compile psplash as cglindkamp describes and copy the files psplash and psplash-write to your panelcard (/config for example.. but you could implement them in your rootfs as well).

Now edit rc.local to start psplash as first. You'll see the splash screen on your panelcard when psplash is loaded properly. Now you can send commands to psplash with the psplash-write tool.

For example:

/path/to/psplash &
/path/to/psplash-write "MSG Your message here"
/path/to/psplash-write "PROGRESS 20"
/path/to/psplash-write "QUIT"


Re: Boot progress on 320x240

ah ok... I thought it would read out dmesg or similar sources.
Thanks a lot.

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