Ethernetconnection and DHCP

Hello all,

I'm using the panelcard with an ethernetconnection. This is all working fine if the cable is connected before I startup the panelcard. But when I startup the panelcard and then insert the ethernetcable the connection isn't setup... So I can't connect to the Internet neither does the panelcard have got an IP-address from the DHCP-server. So then I do have to enter: "/etc/init.d/networking restart" to restart the networkclient so that he will contact the DHCP server to get a new IP-lease.

I'm using OpenEmbedded, so I don't know if this issue also occures when using the linuxkernel provided by taskit self. But do you have any idea what this problem could be causing? And how I can solve this? Should I install some other driver or DHCP client or something like that? Or isn't there any solution for this problem? It's quite a critical problem for my system so I hope that it can be fixed...

Kind regards and thanks!
Jan Pannecoeck

Re: Ethernetconnection and DHCP

Generally, ifplugd is used for this feature. Unfortunately we have no package for that at the moment and the recipe for in our OpenEmbedded repository does not build, but you can also try to compile the program yourself. Sources are located on this page:

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