1. Introduction

Your product is delivered with a customized Linux and the boot loader U-Boot. This document will describe how to install and customize the operation system.

Furthermore it will describe how to setup a development system and you will be given small examples that demonstrate how to compile your own applications.

Because of the wide variety of existing operating systems taskit can only give support for the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Taskit is utilising the Linux-based operating system Debian (http://www.debian.org) as development system because it is one of the most reliable operating systems. Furthermore it is easy to install additional software on Debian because you only need the tool apt-get to automatically download software packages that are installed and configured automatically. Debian can be downloaded free from the internet and the installation is also very easy because you only need to download a portion (http://www.debian.org/distrib/netinst) and the remaining parts will be automatically downloaded and installed from the internet.

A cross-platform toolchain for cross compiling on Debian can be found on the Starterkit-CD. Developing on MS Windows is not supported by taskit.

Instructions for the first start-up are located in the QuickStartGuide. If you want to develop your own drivers or hardware extensions you will have to work with the appropriate Technical Reference and Atmel manual for your product.

The newest revision of this document can always be found on http://armbedded.eu/documentation.