Frequently Asked Questions - Panel-Card

We will try to produce products as long as possible. This means, that there will be hardware revisions and changes of the used components if necessary. Of course, the most important factor for every product is the processor itself. Please find information about how long a certain processor is planned to be produced in the PDF attached below. In case of a processor hits its EOL, we try to offer a similar product with migration support for existing customers.

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After flashing a new u-boot or after replugging the card my Stamp9261 or my Panel-Card doesn't boot anymore. What should I do?


The processor core of the AT91Sam9261 is operating at 1.8V. The peripherals like flash and SDRAM are operating at 3.3V. During power-up 1.8V are already stable and the processor core starts, but the peripherals aren't ready yet, so the system crashes. Actually, as the watchdog is enabled by default, the system will start after the watchdog timeout, which is 16 seconds, in a sane state.


This problem is solved by setting the reset register in the processor to user reset and insert a timeout before starting the core after the core voltage is stable. This is done before booting Linux, have a look at the setreset environment variable in u-boot. This register is battery backed-up, so it be will kept during power failures. There are three situations however, when this is not the case:

  • When the module was removed from the board
  • When the bootloader was newly flashed
  • When the battery was empty and replaced with a new one

When one of this situation occurs, you have to wait until the watchdog timeout or disconnect the battery temporarily, e.g. with a slip of paper between battery and connector.

If there is no battery the register doesn't need to be set as the settling time of the slowclock oscillator will guarantee a sane start of the board.


If you own a revision of the Panel-Card below four, the manual reset is not needed and won't work. You find the revision number of your board on the LCD-Side of the Panel-Card, like 16.103.4 for revision four or 16.103.3 for revision three.

When mounting an NFS share, the mount command hangs for some time. What is wrong?

Busybox is not capable of mounting NFS shares with locking enabled. Use the option -o nolock for NFS mounts.

How can I read/write registers and physical memory regions under Linux?

This tar archive contains a simple tool providing reading and writing at physical addresses under Linux. Source code as well as binaries for OABI and EABI are included.