Frequently Asked Questions - Portux920T

On Portux920TEU and PortuxG20 the first serial port includes two USARTs: A regular USART with the signals RX/TX and RTS/CTS and a debug UART (DBGU) with it's RX/TX on the regular signals DTR/DSR. Thus the DBGU-Adapter is needed to switch the signals DTR/DSR to RX/TX on your null modem cable.
The DBGU-Adapter is part of the Starterkit, just connect it between the serial port of your Portux and the null modem cable and you will see the console output of Linux on your serial port.

When mounting an NFS share, the mount command hangs for some time. What is wrong?

Busybox is not capable of mounting NFS shares with locking enabled. Use the option -o nolock for NFS mounts.

I want to add a battery for my Portux920TEU/SW, what type of battery do I need?

You can use a CR1632FH-LF of the swiss company renata batteries with soldering tails.

How can I read/write registers and physical memory regions under Linux?

This tar archive contains a simple tool providing reading and writing at physical addresses under Linux. Source code as well as binaries for OABI and EABI are included.