Frequently Asked Questions - Stamp9G45

We will try to produce products as long as possible. This means, that there will be hardware revisions and changes of the used components if necessary. Of course, the most important factor for every product is the processor itself. Please find information about how long a certain processor is planned to be produced in the PDF attached below. In case of a processor hits its EOL, we try to offer a similar product with migration support for existing customers.

SAM9 lifetime commit Mar12.pdf322.43 KB

The boot stops displaying ROMBOOT or halts in U-Boot.
The kernel crashes randomly.

If your board runs a bootstrap prior version 3.4 (bootstrap 3.4 prints version information, older versions do not), the problem should be solved by updating.

The new images can be found here:

Update procedure:
1) launch SAM-BA and choose board according to:
2) run NANDFLASH "Enable NAND flash" script
3) run from SAM-BA console: NANDFLASH::EraseBlocks 0 0x1ffff
4) run "Send Bootfile" script with the appropriate image for your board

For even newer Stamps also consider the following download: