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June 27, 2013
Small patch to fix boot problem when power is cut in U-Boot

During the start of U-Boot, for a short time, the reset controller is reprogrammed. In the old version, when power cuts at this moment, the system is unable to boot from DataFlash. The new version fixes this by using temporary settings, that don't prevent the system to boot.

Patch and Images are included.

Stamp9G20_PortuxG20-u-boot-2013.01-reset-fix.tar.bz2 (177.14 KB)

March 14, 2013
Upgrade package to add NAND 4-bit BCH ECC support to Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20

Micron flashes used in Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20, for which this upgrade is highly recommended have the following FBGA codes written on them:

Stamp9G20_PortuxG20-BCH-upgrade.tar.bz2 (3.46 MB)

December 3, 2012
April 18, 2012
February 16, 2010
June 23, 2009
Stamp9G20 Linux 2.6.29 full kernel sources

Linux 2.6.29 including Stamp9G20 patch
linux-2.6.29-stamp9g20.tar.bz2 (53.9 MB)

June 16, 2009
Stamp9G20 u-boot 2009/03 sources

u-boot-stamp9g20-taskit2.tgz (11 MB)

June 15, 2009
June 14, 2009
Stamp9G20 Linux 2.6.29 patch

linux-2.6.29-stamp9g20.patch (38.8 KB)