2. Scope

This document describes the most important hardware features of the StampA5D3x. It includes all informations necessary to develop a customer specific hardware for the StampA5D3x. The Operating System Linux is described in a further document.

The AT91SAMA5D3x processor series consists of several MPUs, like the SAMA5D31, SAMA5D35 and SAMA5D36. Not all processors will be implemented as a Stamp CPU module, but these processors only vary in their variety of peripherals. The differences in peripherals are displayed in the following table.

Peripherals SAMA5D31 SAMA5D33 SAMA5D34 SAMA5D35 SAMA5D36
CAN0, CAN1 No No Yes Yes Yes
EMAC Yes No No Yes Yes
GMAC No Yes Yes Yes Yes
HSMCI2 Yes No Yes Yes Yes
LCDC Yes Yes Yes No Yes
TC1 No No No Yes Yes
UART0, UART1Yes No No Yes Yes

Table 2.1. SAMA5D3X Device Differences

If a peripheral relates only to a specific MPU it will be declared in it's description.

The manual comprises only a brief description of the AT91SAMA5D3x processor, as this is already described in depth in the manual of the manufacturer Atmel®. Descriptions of the ARM® core Cortex-A5 are available from Atmel® and also at http://www.arm.com. It is much recommended to have a look at these documents for a thorough understanding of the processor and its integrated peripherals.