2. Starting Development

In case that this has not already been done, install a Linux-PC as your development PC, preferably using Debian Linux or a derivate distribution.

1. Installing the Compiler Toolchain

Install the toolchain from the DVD to you development PC. The DVD contains a shell script within the directory "toolchain" called


which will unpack the tar archive of the toolchain to the PC. Default directory for the unpacked files is


After installing the toolchain, call the following shell script using "source":

source environment-setup-cortexa5t2hf-vfp-oe-linux-gnueabi

This will set important environment variables like


necessary for the ARM-Linux cross compiler. As these setting are not persistent, the script has to be run once for every compiling session.


The "menuconfig" program for the Linux kernel configuration will not work any more after running the script. This can be "repaired" by unsetting the variables PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR.


Don't do this, when you actually compile applications, as they actually may need these variables to detect and link libraries.