4. Hardware Description

1. Mechanics

The Stamp9G45 was designed as a flexible CPU-Module, which can be connected to base boards via 2x 100-pin fine pitch low profile Hirose ® FX8 connectors

The size of the Stamp9G45's PCB is only 53.6x38x6.0 mm fitting it in even the smallest design. While having implemented the sensible CPU, DDRAM and Flash design it still exports almost all possible CPU-Pins on it's connectors to allow a flexible design on base boards

The Stamp9G45 has an on-board Micro SD-Card slot, thus supporting even large memories needs in its compact design

Pin Description Type
AC97CK12.288-MHz bit-rate clock Input
AC97FS 48-KHz frame indicatorOutput

Table 4.4. AC97 I/O Lines