Appendix C. Address Map (Physical Address Space)

After the execution of the remap command the 4 GB physical address space is separated as shown in the following table. Accessing these addresses directly is only possible if the MMU (memory management unit) is deactivated. As soon as the MMU is activated the visible address space is changed completely. If absolute memory addresses should be accessed within an application, the corresponding address space has first to be mapped to the virtual address space using mmap or ioremap under Linux.

Address (Hex)Mnemonic Function
00 0000 Boot Memory NCS0 or internal ROM or internal SRAM (depending on BMS and REMAP)
10 0000 ITCM Internal SRAM A 32 kByte, mapped for instructions
20 0000 DTCM Internal SRAM B 32 kByte, mapped for data
30 0000 SRAM Internal SRAM 64 kByte
40 0000 ROM Internal ROM
50 0000 LCDC LCD/TFT controller
60 0000 UDPHS USB Device Port (DMA)
70 0000 USB OHCI USB OHCI controller
80 0000 USB EHCI USB EHCI controller
1000 0000 EBI_1 NCS0 Chip Select 0
2000 0000 EBI_1 NCS1 Chip Select 1: DDRAM
3000 0000 EBI_1 NCS2 Chip Select 2
4000 0000 EBI_1 NCS3 Chip Select 3: NAND
5000 0000 EBI_1 NCS4 Chip Select 4: CF_1
6000 0000 EBI_1 NCS5 Chip Select 5: CF_2
7000 0000 EBI_0 NCS0 Chip Select 0: DDRAM
FFF7 8000 UDPHS USB Device Port
FFF7 C000 TC0, TC1, TC23 Timer Counter, 16-Bit
FFF8 0000 MCI_0 Multimedia Card / SD-Card Interface #0
FFF8 4000 TWI_0 Two Wire Interface #0(I2C)
FFF8 8000 TWI_1 Two Wire Interface #1(I2C)
FFF8 C000 USART0 Synchronous or Asynchronous Serial Port #0
FFF9 0000 USART1 Synchronous or Asynchronous Serial Port #1
FFF9 4000 USART2 Synchronous or Asynchronous Serial Port #2
FFF9 8000 USART3 Synchronous or Asynchronous Serial Port #3
FFF9 C000 SSC0 Serial Synchronous Controller #0(I2S)
FFFA 0000 SSC1 Serial Synchronous Controller #1(I2S)
FFFA 4000 SPI0 Serial Peripheral Interface #0
FFFA 8000 SPI1 Serial Peripheral Interface #1
FFFA C000 AC97 AC97 Interface
FFFB 0000 TSADC Touch Controller Interface
FFFB 4000 ISI Image Sensor Interface
FFFB 8000 PWM Pulse Width Modulator
FFFB C000 EMAC Ethernet Controller
FFFC C000 TRNG True Random Number Generator
FFFD 0000 MCI_1 Multimedia Card / SD-Card Interface #1
FFFD 4000 TC3, TC4, TC53 Timer Counter, 16-Bit
FFFF E200 ECC Error Correction Controller
FFFF E400 DDRSDR DDRAM Controller #1
FFFF E600 DDRSDR DDRAM Controller #0
FFFF E800 SMC Static Memory Controller
FFFF EA00 MATRIX Bus Matrix User Interface
FFFF EC00 DMAC Bus Matrix User Interface
FFFF EE00 DBGU Debug Unit, including UART
FFFF F000 AIC Advanced Interrupt Controller
FFFF F200 PIOA 32 Bit Parallel I/O Controller A
FFFF F400 PIOB 32 Bit Parallel I/O Controller B
FFFF F600 PIOC 32 Bit Parallel I/O Controller C
FFFF F800 PIOD 32 Bit Parallel I/O Controller D
FFFF FA00 PIOE 32 Bit Parallel I/O Controller E
FFFF FC00 PMC Power Management Controller
FFFF FD00 RSTC Reset Controller, Battery Powered
FFFF FD10 SHDWC Shutdown Controller, Battery Powered
FFFF FD20 RTT Real-time Timer 32 Bit, Battery Powered
FFFF FD30 PIT Periodic Interval Timer 32 Bit
FFFF FD40 WDT Watchdog Timer
FFFF FD50 SCKCR Serial Clock Register
FFFF FD60 GPBR 4 General Purpose Backup Registers

Table C.1. Physical Address Space