6. PortuxG20 Starterkit

Table of Contents

1. Starterkit Contents

1. Starterkit Contents

The PortuxG20 Starterkit contains the following components:

  • PortuxG20

  • 2GB Micro SD card with root file system

  • Four 10-way straight 2.54mm pitch grid connectors

  • Two 26-way straight 2.54mm pitch grid connectors

  • 96-way angled EN 60603-2 connector

  • Wall Adapter Power Supply for USB Device Port, Input AC 230V, Output 5V, min. 500 mA

  • Ethernet patch cable (cross and straight)

  • Serial "Null-Modem" Cable with two 9-pin D-type connectors

  • DBGU-Adaptor for accessing the Debug UART

  • CD with Operating System, Toolchain, and Documentation