4. Hardware Description

1. AT91SAM9G20 Processor Core

The AT91SAM9G20 runs at 396 MHz with a memory bus frequency of 132 MHz.

Here are some of the most important features of the AT91SAM9G20's ARM926EJ-S core:

  • 32 Kbyte Data Cache, 32 Kbyte Instruction Cache, Write Buffer

  • 32 Bit Data Bus

  • ARM v4 and v5 Memory Management Unit (MMU)

  • ARM v5 32-bit Instruction Set, ARM Thumb 16-bit Instruction Set supported

  • DSP Instruction Extensions

  • ARM Jazelle® Technology for Java® Acceleration

  • EmbeddedICE™ Debug Communication Channel Support

Some of these features - like Jazelle - are currently not supported by the operating system of the product.