1. Introduction

The PortuxG20 is intended to be used as a universal Linux CPU card. With main peripherals like Ethernet, USB and serial port right at hand, it can be used immediately without any hardware adaptations and development. Anywhere where restricted energy and space requirements play a role, the PortuxG20 displays its strength while at the same time offering the comfort of an "easy-to-use" single board computer.

Additionally the PortuxG20 exports further interfaces to support a huge variety of peripheral devices on a 96-way bus. This allows access to custom peripherals, like 16-Bit Parallel Bus, TWI or SPI. The PortuxG20 is both flexible to custom extensions and ready-made device for immediate use.

Build in the size of half a Eurocard, it fits into 19-inch racks or other standard housings. Extension cards can be connected to the 96-way bus and sized to make up a complete Eurocard.

The ARM architecture as a modern and widely supported processor architecture is currently the platform of choice for medium performance embedded devices. Almost all major processor manufacturers have ARM products in their portfolio.

The availability of the widespread operating system "Linux" for the ARM platform opens access to a broad range of software, including tools, drivers, and software libraries. Programs written for ARM can easily be employed on the PC platform for testing and debugging. The delivered OpenEmbedded distribution offers access to a wide range of popular Linux applications.

Examples of actual or potential applications are: protocol converters, measuring and test equipment, data-logging, as well as any simple or more complex control and automation tasks.