1. Panel-Card Connector

The Panel-Card Connector was designed to serve the Panel-Card 57/70 as an evaluation platform and as a deployable base board for all Panel-Cards. It can also be used to develop and deploy Stamp9261 and Stamp9G20 systems.

1. First Steps

The Panel-Card Connector makes it easy to put the Panel-Card/Stamp to use. The first steps involve the following:

  • connecting the board to the Panel-Card/Stamp-Adaptor according to Figure 1.1, “Panel-Card Connector setup”

  • connecting the wall adapter to the main supply and to the board

  • connecting RS232 IF-Module via the serial cable to a COM port of a PC

  • starting a terminal program for the selected COM port at 115200 baud, 8N1

  • starting the module by flipping the power switch

  • boot messages of the module are now expected to appear on the terminal

Panel-Card Connector setup

Figure 1.1. Panel-Card Connector setup