1. Introduction

The PanelA5 is intended to be a highly configurable and ready-to-use HMI module for use in switchboards or machinery. It is available with a 7" LCD/TFT built-in capacitive or resitive touch.

It is available in different housing with IP65 front. It has a wide choice of peripherals and is available in many configurations. Connectors can be straight or angled, DIO can be 24V, 12V or 5V and many more. Speak to the taskit support in case of needs not on display.

The PanelA5 has a choice of I/O options like 8x analog in, 8x digital out and three relais. Furthermore it can be extended with any taskit gpio.net card.

Enhanced cryptographic options allow secure design with good performance. These include an encryption engine, a true random number generator, Atmel ® secure boot solution and an additional encryption chip for secure key generation and storage. All means for securing application and communication as well as prevent cloning and copying are available.

The ARM architecture as a modern and widely supported processor architecture is currently the platform of choice for medium performance embedded devices. Almost all major processor manufacturers have ARM products in their portfolio.

The availability of the widespread operating system "Linux" for the ARM platform opens access to a broad range of software, including tools, drivers, and software libraries. Programs written for ARM can easily be employed on the PC platform for testing and debugging.

Examples of actual or potential applications are: HMI for machinery or switchboards, measuring and test equipment, data-logging, as well as simple or more complex control and automation tasks.