Welcome to the taskit support pages

These are the support pages for all ARM-Linux based products from taskit GmbH. Here you can download software updates and testing versions for the Linux kernel or rootfilesystem. The site will be extended to contain example programs and hands-on articles as well in the future.
Also a forum will be open to registrated users to discuss issues regarding implementing of Hard- and Software for our products.

Fall 2016: StampA5D36's little brother is coming

At the end of Q3 2016, the DropA5D2 extends taskit's CoM portfolio. A fully-flegded Cortex-A5 core incorporating NEON, AES and a TRNG as well as 256 MB LPDDR1 fit on a size of 45 mm x 26 mm.

As boot media, a serial flash and a SD card socket are mounted on the board. Access to the peripherals is provided by the 100pin FX8 connector.

Low energy consumption is always our main focus: Thus the consumption in standby by full preservation of the memory content is about 1 mA with a wake-up time below 1 ms.

Debian Wheezy root file system for NanosG20

As our Lenny rootfs used on NanosG20 has become a bit stale, we now provide Debian Wheezy as an optional update.

You can find the rootfs content here.
To create your own SD card, please follow this tutorial.

Login parameter for the shell are:
user: root
password: ledato

Don't forget to change them!

New StampA5D36

StampA5D36StampA5D36With the StampA5D36 taskit introduces a new CoM (Computer-on-Module). The Cortex-A5 ARM core with 528 Mhz, 256MB LPDDRAM and 256MB Flash enables demanding applications where low-power is decisive. The modules consumption can be lowered down up to 30 mW – ideally suited for mobile or self-harvesting systems.

New root file systems for Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20

Due discontinued support of Ångström 2008 there are new root file systems for PortuxG20 and Stamp9G20 based on Ångström 2011.03 distribution. Both - SD card tarballs and JFFS2 images - are accessible through the download section.

Public git repositories now hosted on gitorious.org

Public git repositories from taskit are now hosted on gitorious.org. This includes at the moment the classic OpenEmbedded overlay for Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20 and the newly created OpenEmbedded Core overlay for the Stamp9G45. You can find these overlays including the new git urls here: http://gitorious.org/taskit.

Linux 2.6.36 update patch for Stamp9261/Panel-Card

We have released an patch to support Stamp9261 and Panel-Cards on Linux 2.6.36. You can find it in our download section. Please read the release notes carefully.

Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20 hit Linux mainline

Support for Stamp9G20 and PortuxG20 has entered Linux mainline and is contained in the latest Linux release candidate (2.6.35-rc1). This means that from now on you can use newer kernel versions much easier than before.

New howto: Development with Eclipse

We have a new howto about using Eclipse for developing cross-compiled projects and remote debugging. This should make it easy to develop for our devices without in-depth knowledge about gcc, make or gdb. But see for yourself: Development with Eclipse

New Stamp9G20

The new Stamp9G20 is now available. With 400 MHz, 64MB SDRAM and 128MB Nandflash at a price of 99,00 € this new product offers good value. The already integrated MicroSD-Card slot solves storage requirements of up to 8GB. The Stamp9G20 CPU-Module has a size of only 53 x 38 x 6.1 mm. For more information see: http://www.taskit.de/en/products/stamp9g20/index.htm

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